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Right now the site is about as default as it comes, which isn't the easiest when it comes to advanced privledges.

Just about everything you will need todo is located in the "My Account" page, the link is in the top right of the page. Through "My Account" you can post news, create events, and carry out the administrative functions for the site. Eventually these links will get put where they are relivant and needed throughout the site.

Many of the displayed pages are pretty basic, some have a fair bit of garbage that I intend to clean up. Any suggestions on things we need/want on the site, let me know.

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Trying out some open source clan website software. This so far seems to be the best in terms of functionality, design and easy of use.

My goal for the website:
- Make it easy to access & use, because people seem to hate wasting time going to the website.
- Keep it simple. News, Events and other important information only.
- No activity requirements. No voting necessary.
- Impliment a means of bringing the information you need to you via notifications or discord bot.

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